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A Tad
Joe-Pro Shred Guys

I love these guys!


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Shawn "Barney" Barron

Barney's one of the most futuristic surfers of our time. Besides busting flips and airs, he's also focusing on charging some of the biggest waves on the planet.
Another thing people don't know about Shawn is that he's an incredible artist. From paintings to weird abstract statues. His art is very unique and deep.

Barney=240 pixels wide


Joel Centeio

Boy this kid is hot ( I mean in surfing), he has a style that already looks a lot like the great Hawaiian Sunny Garcia.

This boy is hot!=240 pixels wide


Ed Templeton


Now Ed is my inspiration...he is just so incredible. I love all his drawings, paintings, and photographs. Let's not forget to metion that he is and incredible skater.